McNamee, packrat

The Daily News is reporting that Brian McNamee has syringes and gauze
pads used by Roger Clemens around 2000 and 2001 that contain steroid
residue and possible DNA evidence.


Seven year old syringes? Look, this isn't CSI. I can't tell you the
halflife of steroids as it lives in plastic or gauze. But the fact
that McNamee has this supposed evidence raises a lot more questions
about Clemens, but also McNamee's character.

McNamee is a former New York City police officer whose records and
circumstances regarding his termination remain sealed. He knows how
the legal system works. He understands the priorities of a district
attorney, to use the little fish to get the big fish. Its certainly
possible that McNamee saved such evidence for fear of his own
prosecution, but its also possible he saved it for blackmail. Keeping
this evidence for seven years is an act of self preservation. Its not
about justice or doing the right thing. Its about protecting one's
own hyde, the extent to which we may never know.

The reports say that this evidence is just now being turned over to
federal authorities, which doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense.
This man has been testifying to Feds for awhile now. Why has he been
sitting in his evidence?

I would have a hard time believing that McNamee would resort to
manufacturing evidence at this point, especially if his feelings for
Clemens are as genuine as he says. The burden of proof is on Clemens
now, not McNamee, so the motivation seems unecessary. But one has to
question the validity of presenting evidence this old that could
easily be tampered with. And, as someone in the Yankees newsgroup
pointed out, Clemens admitted to B-12 shots. Is it possible McNamee
is presenting these as evidence, claiming they were used for steroids?

It seems unlikely. McNamee's professional life is over now regardless
of what happens in front of Congress. He has nothing left to prove.
Chances are, Andy Pettitte will coroborate part of his story and
Clemens will have some explaining to do.

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