McNamee injected Clemens’ dog

In yet another startling revelation, Brian McNamee admitted this week
that he injected Roger Clemens dog Kasey with steroids and HGH. The
allegations were revealed during a deposition to Congressional lawyers
for next weeks hearings in which McNamee claims to have also injected
Clemens wife with HGH for an SI photo shoot.

The circumstances around the injection of Kasey, a purebred Schnauzer,
are a little hazy. McNamee claims to have injected the dog in the
preceding months to the 2003 Westminster Dog Show at Clemens request.
Records show that Kasey scored much higher in the Doggy Obstacle
course exhibition, but ranked poorly in physical appearance due to
oversize cranium. Towards the end of the competition, Kasey became
spooked during a park session when McNamee threw a stick towards him,
sending Kasey into a rage and biting Joe Garagiola on the ankle.

A second incident involving HGH was reported in the spring of 2004
after a long day at the park. According to McNamee, Clemens ran the
dog rather hard for three hours, at which point the dog was limping
around the house. Clemens commanded the dog to "man up," then asked
McNamee to administer the injections.

Clemens denied these allegations through his lawyers, but would not
comment on the physical evidence provided by McNamee: veterinary
hypodermic needles and a ziplock sandwich bag filled with dog feces.
McNamee claims the feces were gathered by him while walking Kasey
before the 2003 dog show and that a DNA test of the dog and feces will
prove a match. He would not reveal where he had stored a bag of shit
for the last five years.

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