Dodgers Need a New Owner

Dodgers Need a New Owner


The Los Angeles Dodgers were once a model franchise in the “Leave it to Beaver” mode in which you knew that you could take your family to a game and not have to worry about anything that wasn’t pure, wholesome or good.  The Dodgers were also a popular team to follow with the MLB Odds and a consistent winner on the field that played before sellout crowds at Dodger Stadium as Nancy Bea kept everyone happy on the organ.  Then came Fox Sports and Frank McCourt


Peter O’Malley, son of the great Walter O’Malley, ran the Dodgers in their 1960’s model through 1998 before realizing that it was getting harder to compete with the big guns in Major League Baseball with a Mom and Pop store model.  O’Malley decided to sell the Dodgers to Fox Network and Rupert Murdoch and things began to change.  Rock music was piped in to split time with Bea and then there were looser restrictions on player grooming and uniform standards and the standards that made the Dodgers special eroded.  When Fox got out and sold the team to Frank McCourt what was left of Dodger tradition was blown apart once and for all.


Under Frank and his former wife Jamie, the Dodgers became the Oakland Raiders of baseball as an ugly element of fan took over Dodger Stadium while the game presentation was as obnoxious as could be found at any ball park.  The brutal beating of a San Francisco Giants fan this past opening day was emblematic of the McCourt reign.  When it was discovered that McCourt sucked off tens of millions of dollars from the team bankroll to subsidize his extravagant life style, a bond was shattered.


Much of the blame for this debacle must be placed at the feet of Bud Selig.  The Commissioner of baseball wanted McCourt approved quickly as owner and did not do due diligence.  Selig failed baseball as the game needs a strong Dodger brand to go along with the New York Yankees on the east coast.  What has happened to the Dodgers is nothing short of tragic as the team of Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Steve Garvey, and Davey Lopes has become just another franchise that plays .500 ball in front of padded attendance figures that are not based in reality.  A new owner is needed in Los Angeles to restore the Dodgers to their former glory.

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