Looking Toward the 2013 Season

A brand new season of baseball is upon us and many questions linger in the AL East.

The Baltimore Orioles surprised everyone by remaining contenders in the division for the entire season. While it took their fanbase a bit of time to catch up, pretty soon they were selling out Camden Yards on their way to the playoffs. Do the Birds have another run in them or has Buck stopped here?

THe Red Sox hit rock bottom in 2012, airlifting most of their starts on a one way ticket to Los Angeles while trying their best to forget the mistake that was Bobby Valentine. Will a second year GM be able to get past the mistakes of the ticket-driven ownership or will the Red Sox keep drowning in Dirty Water?

The Toronto Blue Jays performed like their usual selves last season, firmly in the middle of the AL East pack. A blockbuster trade with the Miami Marlins gave an influx of expensive talent, but will it be enough to put more fannies in the seats at the ever empty Rogers Centre?

The Tampa Bay Rayscontinueto be a perennial contender in the AL East despite the divisions lowest payroll. Now that Big Game James Shields is gone, will the Rays have enough to keep their winning ways, despite the woeful Tropicana Field?

The Yankees have faced another off season of adversity, from Jeter and Rivera’s surgeries to ARod’s continued health and backpage issues. And once again, the team gets a little bit older. They’re still the hottest ticket in New York and there’s a good place to get them. Get out to the park and root for the Yanks as they’re sure to come out on top of the AL East.

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