Championship Series Odds

Hi folks, we’re back again with another look at the odds in the baseball playoffs.

As the Championship Series roll on, the Dodgers look like they’re on the brink of elimination. The fought to survive another day last night, beating the St. Louis Cardinals 6 – 4. Don Mattingly and his crew still have a tough road to climb as the series returns to St. Louis Friday night. You can bet the Cardinals will walk away with the series.

The Detroit Tigers, meanwhile, pounded the Boston Red Sox to the tune of 7 – 3 last night, knotting their series at 2-2. After sleepwalking through the first 17 innings of the series, the BoSox appeared to bounce back after Big Papi’s grand slam to save game two. The Tigers took the much needed game four and have outscored the Red Sox 13 to 10 in the series. The all important game 5 will determine who goes back to Boston needing just one win to advance to the World Series. The Red Sox would appear to be the better team but Detroit’s starting pitching hasbeeneffective for them. If Jim Leyland can limit the damage caused by his Tiger bullpen, Detroit might be able to outlast the Sox.

If we had to make picks, we’d be suggesting the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. The Dodgers simply haven’t done enough in this series to look like they can overcome an impressive St. Louis team. The Detroit Tigers, while strong in the rotation, have a hurting lineup and a bullpen that seems to bleed runs. They will need long starts against the patient Red Sox hitters to win two games and frankly, we don’t think that’s going to happen.

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