MLB Odds for the World Series

Wednesday night kicks off the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Series will follow the traditional 2-3-2 format with the Red Sox having the home field advantage thanks to the American League All Star Game victory this past summer. The Red Sox will need all the advantages they can get as this looks to be a very competitive World Series.

The St. Louis Cardinals had one of the best pitching staffs in the Major Leagues in 2013, posting a 3.42 team ERA to place them fifth in the majors. The Boston Red Sox placed at fourteenth in the majors with a 3.79 team ERA. You can add your own disclaimers about American League ERAs versus National League ERAs. However, those trends flip a little when you start looking at their offense. The Red Sox finished the season tops in the Majors in runs scored with 853 while the Cardinals finished third with 783. That might be a good place for you to start figuring out your odds for the World Series. Or you can get your MLBodds at Sportsbook.

Looking at the teams’ run differentials, the Red Sox scored 197 runs more than they allowed while the Cardinals scored 187 runs more than they allowed. On the surface of it, these teams seems to compare pretty favorably to each other, at least in comparison to their performance against their leagues. Scoring in the American League was definitely higher than in the National League, with the American League teams averaging 53 more runs over the course of the season.

When comparing the teams with that thought in mind, the Red Sox and Cardinals would seem to be very evenly matched. The difference might come down to their pitching staffs, where the Cardinals show a good edge in the starting rotation but a minor edge in the bullpen. Based on the raw numbers, one could believe that the Red Sox offense could handle the Cardinals pitchers a little better than vice versa. The Cardinals bullpen may not be quite as strong as the Red Sox which could be their downfall like it was for the Detroit Tigers.

Our prediction? The Boston Red Sox in six, creating one of the most surprising turn-around season for a baseball club in recent memory.



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