Bet the Super Bowl 2014

Last time we spoke (or I spoke and you read), I gave you good readers a nice broad stroke on the different type of bets you can place on the Super Bowl. That was meant to be a little primer into the types of great action you can find either betting with your friends in the comfort of your own home or out in the wild in whatever situation you decide (preferably legal).

This time, I’m going to give you a little more in-depth look at some of the minutia you can consider when you and your friends bet the Super Bowl 2014. There’s a lot of language that surrounds betting in general but especially betting in football. The most common language you will hear people talk about on the radio is the pointspread or, as it is usually referred to, “the spread.” The spread is a way of betting against how much one of the teams will win by. For instance, if a team A is predicted to beat team B by 7 points, team A’s spread in the game will be considered to be -7. When betting the spread in this game,you will either pick team A to cover the spread (meaning they will have to win by more than 7) or you will pick team B to lose by LESS than 7 (meaning team B’s score +7 will be greater than team A’s score). In the case of team B, they would be said to be “getting points.” This is the most common bet in football.

The spread in these cases is usually determined by the official line as established by Las Vegas. If you are betting locally or at a different venue, they may or may not be using the official line. Either way, it is up to you to determine and establish what line you are betting at before placing your bet. The spread can change on a game as the days get closer and closer to the game (especially the Super Bowl) and the spread a week before the game could be a lot different than the spread on game day. Know where the spread is and establish it with whomever you are betting with before making your bet.


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