The Yankee Uniform

The New York Yankees uniform is one of the most icon uniforms in all of sports. Ever wonder where the Yankee insignia came from?

I did. So I did a little research.

The famous interlocking NY that resides on the current Yankee uniforms dates back to 1877. It was created by Louis B. Tiffany for a medal presented to the first New York City police officer to be shot in the line of duty.

In 1907, the symbol was adopted for the then called New York Highlanders by owner Bill Devery. Devery, as it turned out, was a former New York City police chief (here’s hoping he actually paid for the rights!). The Highlanders adopted the symbol and added it to their plain white uniforms.

In 1912, another radical shift happened. The plain white uniforms were adorned with dark blue pinstripes. The look didn’t stick however and was abandoned at the end of the season. Two years later, though, the pinstripes returned and became a fixture of the uniform and would remain for the next one hundred years.

There was still some tinkering though. In 1917, it was decided to take the interlocking NY off of the uniform and just leave it on the cap. The cap had gone through many a design change, including pinstripes on the hat itself, until 1922 when they finally settled on the navy blue with an interlocking NY. It wasn’t until 1936 that the interlocking NY insignia finally returned to the uniform where it would remain for good.

Today, the uniform is largely unchanged. And just like in the early 1900s, the uniforms today are made in the USA. Early uniforms were made of wool rather than cotton. Cotton would have been less expensive and probably more comfortable for the players but was mostly used and associated with work clothing. Baseball teams instead decided to make their uniforms out of wool which would supposedly elevate the teams above the working class and into a higher status.

Today, all of the uniforms are made out of polyester, which is even more breathable than cotton. They are manufactured in the USA by Majestic Athletic, who in addition to making their official on-field jerseys, also produce replicas, and custom name jerseys that can be purchased by fans so they can dress just like their favorite stars.


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