Hank, shut it!

In one of his rare appearances to the outside world, Hank Steinbrenner spoke to the press this week. The subject? No, not Jennifer Love Hewitt, although I'm sure Hankenstein wanted to rush to her aid when he saw her thighs on the cover of People magazine, the headline screaming, "I'm Not Fat!!!" Neither am I,…More

The Witch Hunt Continues

Before I even had a chance to accept or decline my invitation to question Major Leaguers with Congress on January 16th, they went ahead and moved the date on me to February 13th.  Speculation says they thought I had a scheduling conflict and shifted the date to accommodate me.  That’s just ridiculous. The real reason…More

Sorting Through the Clemens Mess

Gene Wojciechowski recently posted an article over on ESPN.com (heard of it?), breaking down the Clemens defense and how it doesn’t hold water. I don’t want to get up on a soapbox here, even though that’s typically what blogs are used for, but I have a really hard time with journalists proclaiming guilt or innocence…More

The Bud Selig questionnaire

In what has to be considered the most unlikely of developments, I’ve been asked to be a guest question asker at the Congressional hearings on steroids on the 16th.  To say this is an unexpected honor is like saying Brady Anderson’s 50 home runs were unexpected.  I’m shocked and honored. However, I have decided that…More


You’ve spent the last twenty years of your life with one company, a high profile family-run business lead by a maniacal patriarch.  You started as a mere intern, working your way through the ranks to management, where you find success at a relatively young age.   But success doesn’t last forever.  As key members of…More

Clemens on “60 Minutes”

One of the oldest reporters on television interviewed one of the oldest players in the majors, and for all we know, both of them could be on steroids. Clemens continued his denial of steroid and HGH use on "60 Minutes"Sunday night, telling Mike Wallace repeatedly that it "didn't happen"as anger and frustration creased his face.…More

She turned me into a newt!

Congress has called Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and Chuck Knoblauch to testify on steroids. Reportedly, after Clemens testifies, he will be thrown into the Potomic to see if he floats. Really, this is getting a bit silly. Pettitte has admitted wrong doing, your satisfaction may vary. Knoblauch can shed little light on the current game…More

What To Do With Darryl

This is an article that was originally published on HardRockSports.com. HardRock sports columnist Scott A. Ham examines how the return of Darryl Strawberry will effect the New York Yankees roster. Sometime before September 1st, the Yankees are expected to place Darryl Strawberry on their major league roster, just in time to qualify him for post-season…More

Stats, Stats, Stats…

This is an article that was originally published on HardRockSports.com.   HardRock sports columnist Scott A. Ham takes a look at the most common statistics used in baseball and why they don’t tell the whole story.     About a week ago, Mark Smith, a fellow columnist here on HardRock Sports, wrote about a statistic…More

Are You Ready to Rumble?

This is an article that was originally published on HardRockSports.com.   In light of the skirmish in Seattle, HardRock Sports columnist Scott A. Ham takes a look at the ethics of baseball and the sometimes harrowing results.     Friday night saw yet another Major League Base-brawl break out, this time between the New York…More