Relievers Will Break Your Heart

Now, never having played the game at a level higher than Little League, the pros can feel free to place this one in the circular file. And really, it’s more a rule for fans, managers, and front office execs, along the lines of TINSTAAPP. Here goes: never fall in love with a relief pitcher. Those dudes will break your heart time and again.More

I Am A Great Yankee: Honest Ramblings of New York Fan

My wife and I have a long standing debate.  A bone of contention.  A ruffle in our respective panties.  She takes issue with the fact that I use the term “we” when referring to something the New York Yankees have done, will do, can do, should do, or won’t do. “You are not on the…More

Who’ll Pick up the Pieces?

It is rare that a team will go an entire 162 games without a significant injury of some sort; last year, the Yankees lost Alex Rodriguez for the first month & Xavier Nady for just about the entire season.    At one point, the two catchers on the roster were Francisco Cervelli & Kevin Cash. So,…More

Steroid Users in MLB: Heroes or Villians

Dear Society / Media / Hypocrites, Please don’t tell me that I can’t love or admire A-Rod simply because he took steroids. My heroes are not defined by who does or doesn’t take drugs, unless of course they are taken in such excess that they are rendered into embarrassing media spectacles.  Sorry Mr. Nolte. What…More