Thanks to David Pinto

Big thanks to David Pinto at for giving us a plug today. If you’re somehow reading this site and not, shame on you. Get over there and check it out.More

George, er, Hal is All Bluster

Hal Steinbrenner officially took over the reigns of the New York Yankees this week.  Hal Steinbrenner.  Not Hank. See, Hal is the money guy, and when you’re pushing around the Benjamins like the Yankees have and will continue to with their new stadium, you need the money guy at the top.  And that guy is…More

Moose calls it quits

It’s funny looking at all the adoration that Mike Mussina has been receiving over the last two days.  If you had asked most Yankee fans what they thought of Moose at the end of the 2007 season, the nicest answer would have been, “decent pitcher but never did anything in pinstripes.” It’s amazing what a…More

Episode 1 is recorded

Ian and I recorded the first episode last night and things went pretty well.  We’re hoping to have it posted within the next 36 hours.  Check back shortly for direct links here and iTunes links upon their approval.More


Welcome to The Bronx View, a new site dedicated to our podcast, The Bronx View.  The podcast should be posted in a few days, so check back here for info and iTunes links.More

IR Helps ARod

Instant replay made it’s long awaited major league debut last night and, wouldn’t you know it, Alex Rodriguez was the beneficiary. Everything came off according to plan. The review took two minutes and fifteen seconds and all parties involved seemed to feel justice was served. Here’s the funny thing: I’m not sure that the call…More

Regression Part Two – It’s Happening Already

So this post was essentially going to discuss which over-performing or under-performing teams I thought would regress or improve, and then the Yankees go ahead and make one of my points for me. I was marveling on Monday at how the Twins had managed to outscore the Yankees by 27 runs despite having an vastly…More

Regression to the mean and whatnot

I took a look at the standings yesterday. I devote several hours of each day thinking about, reading about, or occasionally writing about baseball, but for some reason the standings are generally the last thing I look at. But yesterday, on the heels of a Yankee victory, I felt bold enough to look at the…More

Overestimating Joba

It’s reality check time, both for the Yankees and their fans. Joba will start for the Yankees against Toronto Tuesday night, marking his first appearance in the Yankees rotation and last out of the bullpen. At least, we hope. Temper your expectations. We’d all like to believe that Joba’s 95+ fastball and devastating slider will…More