A Few Thoughts On Roy Oswalt

I’m not a Houston Astros fan, but I can’t help but notice how badly Roy Oswalt has struggled in his three starts this season. The reason is because I own him on a couple of fantasy teams. I watched his nightmarish start against the Marlins last week through my fingers, as he served up 4…More

Soria Should Be Starting

The intro to Buster Olney’s blog today featured a story about Joakim Soria, the Royals young closer, who many are likening to a young Mariano Rivera. I watch the Royals as much as I possibly can – not because I’m a masochist, but because I have tons of family in Kansas City who are die-hards…More

Girardi and the Bench

Three games in for the Yankees and I think Joe Girardi deserves good marks. There hasn’t been a hell of a lot to judge him on, but he hasn’t screwed anything up yet either. I do take issue with two things: 1 – I think he left Moose in for a batter too long on…More

Non-roster guys with a chance to stick – Part Three (The Finale)

The final installment features a Sal Fasano sighting and a bunch of old dudes in San Francisco – shocking, right? Philadelphia Phillies: Kris Benson, SP This is a pretty obvious fit; the Phillies are starved for starting pitching and Benson was starved for a job. On paper the Phils rotation lines up as Brett Myers,…More

Bonds Patient Once Again

Spring Training has started. Even Alex Rodriguez is supposed to show up on Wednesday. The seeds of a new season have been planted. And yet, Barry Bonds does not have a contract. I never thought the day would come when a player would alienate the baseball community so much that he could post at least…More

Clemens and McNamee: Dissecting the Public Opinion

We’re two days past The Showdown at Capitol Hill and the papers and IntraWeb have been swirling with opinions, body language "experts," and blowhards like me telling you what to think.  The testimony before Congress didn’t clear up many facts or determine who was lying the least, but instead raised more fodder for the back…More

Clemens, Congress, and the Dog and Pony Show

There's a phrase used to describe people who go out of their way to work with famous people, not for their talent, but simply because they're famous.  Those people are known as starf*#kers. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the 110th Congress: starf*#kers. The Steroids Rodeo Revue returns to Washington DC tomorrow,…More

Non-roster guys with a chance to stick – Part Two

This round features several major league veterans looking to hang on for another year, including the exciting reunion of Joe Torre and one of his most famously abused pitchers! Florida Marlins: Jorge Cantu, IF It was only 2005 when Cantu posted an OPS+ of 112 and knocked in 117 runs with 28 homers. He actually…More

Team Chemistry: Fact or Fiction?

I recently got into a discussion with someone in a newsgroup regarding team chemistry. It all started when I sent out a message to some of the more active Usenet baseball newsgroups about this site.  Not a heck of a lot of people are reading it so I figured I might as well go out…More